Major (Rtd) Boakye Gyan has refuted allegations that he was hiding under his girlfriend’s bed during the June 4th uprising.

The ex-military officer and key member of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council(AFRC),who sounded surprised at the allegation, explained that he could not have become head of government if he was under his girlfriend’s bed in Achimota on the said day.

Maj. Rtd Boakye Gyan was responding to comments made by the special aide of former president Jerry Rawlings, Mr. Kofi Adams, who had earlier accused Maj. Boakye Gyan of hiding under his girlfriend’s bed during the 1979 June 4th uprising.

Mr. Adams had earlier told Adakabre Frimpong of Adom FM that some soldiers found Boakye Gyan under his girlfriend’s bed in Achimota when other dedicated soldiers were fighting to ensure there was political stability after the coup d’etat.

Maj. Boakye Gyan lampooned Kofi Adams’ comments, describing it as untruths from an individual who was no where near the June 4th uprising.

He said on the 3rd of June 1979, he went with his wife who is being described as his girlfriend to a woman, whom he revered, at the Airport Residential area and that this information can be verified by the public as he has written numerous publications on the situation surrounding June 4th.

He questioned the motive behind such an allegation and asked former president Jerry Rawlings to tell the world where he (Jerry Rawlings) was between the hours of 5am and 5 pm on June 4th when he, Boakye Gyan, was writing scripts to be read by officials of the coup on radio and organizing the rank of the military.

Maj. Boakye Gyan said he would not want to glorify the allegation and asked listeners to interrogate the issue and make their own informed judgment. He further threw a challenge to ex-president Rawlings to meet him in the court of public discourse to debate and iron out differences in the history surrounding the June 4th coup.

Responding to Maj. Boakye Gyan’s rebuttal, Mr. Kofi Adams said if ex-President Rawlings managed to become head of state after the coup, even though he was in jail at the time, Boakye Gyan could have been under his girlfriend’s bed and still managed to become head of government.

Mr. Adams, who also proffered his opinion on whether or not Rawlings was the founder of the NDC, said members of the party know who their founder was and questioned why Obed Asamoah could not sustain the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) if he really had what it takes to lead a party.

In a related development, Mr. Ben Ephson Jr., has stated that the NDC would lose the 2012 elections if former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is made the flagbearer of the party even though he agrees she is a seasoned politician and has what it takes to lead the NDC.

Story By: Derick Romeo Adogla/


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