Dikeh said more needs to be done for female representation in Nigerian politics

Actress Tonto Dikeh is taking a step back from the entertainment industry to focus on other areas of her life.

According to her, she has not actively pursued acting as a career in the past few years nor does she see herself going back to it anytime soon.

In an Instagram live Tonto Dikeh stated that “before now, I really would not say I did a lot in that scene. It is not something that I’ve been frequent in the past few years so, I know that an artiste will always be an artiste but I just don’t see myself as an actress anymore.”

This comes after the actress was chosen as the running mate to Tonte Ibraye, the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Rivers State, for the 2023 election.

When the announcement was made in June, Tonto Dikeh wrote “we are looking forward to investing massively in social protection, creating a social value system for young people, increasing women’s inclusion in our governance system, supporting small businesses and strengthening our traditional institutions to be active players in the drive to bring sustainable development to the good people of Rivers State.”

Meanwhile, the single mother believes that life is about evolving and at some point people would like different things for themselves.

She added that actively participating in the movie industry would affect her role as a mother to her son.

“You just evolve, you want different things for yourself, just like I did I think two movies in the past year, one last year and one this year. I mean not to say I can’t do things like that but to be active in the industry like I used to is not a possibility. It won’t let me be a mum and I can’t jeopardize and I can’t compromise that for anything in the world.” she said.