The brother of the late President John Mills has admitted he erred in diagnosing the cause of death of the late president.

Cadman Mills said his characterization of massive stroke as the cause of death of the late president was borne out of emotions rather than an informed medical opinion.

He was speaking to Joy News' Beatrice Adu during a ceremony by Ghana Post to honour the late president.

Ghana's postal stamps will now bear the face of the late President John Mills who died in July last year.

His death was sudden and shocking with critics accusing the presidency of negligence. Some called for a presidential inquiry into the death whilst others insisted the president could have survived the attack if detailed emergency medical steps were taken.

Even though the details of the cause of death are still sketchy, the brother of the late president says the family is "comforted and are coping reasonably well."

Asked if the death of the late president could have been avoided, Cadman Mills said "maybe" but added John Mills received the best emergency care deserving of a president.

"Prof Mills' death was very sudden but it was very natural. Could he have been saved? Maybe. But I think the process of saving him would have started much earlier than just the very day he had the fatal incident happening to him…"

On the controversy surrounding the death of the late president, Cadman Mills said "If there is controversy, the controversy exists only in the minds of conspiracy theorists. I followed his health situation. I was there when the autopsy was performed and I am satisfied and the family is satisfied that it was a natural death."

I may not have been accurate in characterizing the traumatic experience as a "massive stroke" he stated, adding, "It could have been aneurism."

"He died a natural death," he emphasised.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association says the Association only demanded for presidential inquest shortly after the death of the president so that the findings will inform future guidelines on how to treat emergency cases of high profile personalities.