The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo has expressed his readiness to join the Member of Parliament for the Kpone Katamanso, Joseph Akuerteh Tettey to protest the poor nature of roads in his constituency.

Addressing a gathering of party enthusiasts at the Nii Amui Park at Ashaiman on Tuesday, Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo intimated that he would not be bothered if such an action causes his arrest, together with the MP.

The Chairman made this comment while recounting what he and other top brass of the party encountered when using the Dodowa-Afienhya stretch as part of former President’s Mahama’s two-day tour of the Greater Accra Region.

According to him, the state of that road has become very deplorable, reason for which the MP must stage a protest to register his dissatisfaction accordingly.

“Today, on our way from Tema to Dodowa, we used a certain road at Afienyha. If someone told us that we were walking in Accra, we would have been surprised. Today, when an MP leads his constituents to protest bad roads, he’ll be arrested. And so the road we used today, where’s Joe T? I think it’s your constituency. Joe T, you’ll lead the next demonstration. I’ll come and support you so that all of us are arrested because we need good roads for our people,” Mr Ofosu-Ampofo said.

He further lamented the general condition of the roads in the country and criticised the government for failing to live up to its promise of constructing good roads.

This, he said, was evidence of the government’s failure to use the revenue generated from taxes for meaningful projects for citizens.

In connection with this, Mr Ofosu-Ampofo also expressed concerns about the delay in the release of funds to District Assemblies to facilitate development.

Touching on the 2024 general election, the NDC National Chairman expressed optimism about the outcome of the polls and called on all party faithful to rally behind the party towards the attainment of victory.

On this note, he urged party members to suspend all their pockets of grievances and work on building bridges instead of erecting walls that could potentially hamper the fortunes of the NDC, come December 7, 2024.

Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo is expected to join former President John Dramani Mahama and other bigwigs of the party, to continue touring the Greater Accra Region on Wednesday, October 10, 2021.

The essence of the tour is to ginger the party’s base ahead of the 2024 general election; while thanking party sympathisers and voters who cast their ballots in favour of the NDC in the 2020 general election.

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