A Ugandan Imam who married a man dressed as a woman has been arrested and charged.

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba was charged with having carnal knowledge with a person against the order of nature, according to Daily Monitor newspaper.

His charge was read out at a magistrate court in Kayunga district in central Uganda.

The Imam was charged alongside his bride Richard Tumushabe, also known as Swabullah Nabukeera, according to the newspaper

Sheikh Mutumba has been remanded at Ntenjeru prison.

Sheikh Mutumba had earlier on confided in a colleague after his wedding that his new wife had refused to have sex claiming to be menstruating.

He had been reported to have been devastated and gone missing after it was discovered that his newlywed was a man.

The discovery was made during a body search after Tumushabe was accused by their neighbours of stealing: