Delta Force in action

Coordinator of Third World Network-Africa has said that independent mechanisms of accountability outside the National Security Ministry should be considered in investigating assault incidents perpetrated by its operatives.

Speaking on the alleged assault meted out to Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu-Baidoo by National Security operatives, Dr Yao Graham said that citizens will be confident in the security system in the country if his approach is adopted.

He made these comments on JoyNews’ NewsFile Saturday, May 22.

“So that every citizen knows that when incidents like these happen, there’s a reference point that these things would go to. That there’s a certain credibility developed for the investigation and punishment.”

“There are many instances where really, some of the things which have happened are things which border on potentially criminal behaviour and therefore should be subjected to the normal processes of criminal investigation, whether it’s the Police, the military or these nebulous National Security Operatives.”

He said that the purpose of the independent accountability mechanism is to ensure that the internal processes in the Security are adequate.

He believes this will reduce the number of situations where the general laws of the country are violated by these operatives.