Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Majeed Ashimeru has revealed Iniesta has been his role model growing up as a footballer.

The 23-year-old midfielder who rose through the ranks at WAFA before moving to Austria disclosed in an exclusive interview with Joy Sports that the Barcelona legend is one player he looks up to.

“Iniesta is my role model because on the pitch he is very decent. You don’t see him fighting with others. He brings so much to the game.

“Whenever he started a game for Barcelona, they had an 80% chance of winning. Off the pitch I believe he is someone we have to look up to because he behaves so well and that’s why he has been my role model from when I was young,” Ashimeru added.

Iniesta’s key strength was not goalscoring as he preferred to control games from deep, the former WAFA midfielder believes he can take the shape of Iniesta although he rather enjoys scoring.

“I like to score but when I assist someone I feel much happier than me scoring. Everyone scores but not everyone can give an assist. When I assist a friend I feel I did a good job for him to score. That’s what I like about Iniesta, he doesn’t think of himself all the time. He thinks of his teammates. I love to score, but I also love to assist.”

Ashimeru has provided five assists in nine games for Red Bull Salzburg this season.