It is often said that road traffic corruption undermines road safety programs. In Ghana, Police officers manning the roads are often accused of this due to how some of them are often seen accepting tokens from drivers to ignore traffic violations which often qualify for a misdemeanour.

Some of these ignored driver violations by the police often lead to road traffic crashes. The Sunyani Traditional Council has come up with a suggestion that could curb it.

The Dwantoahene of Sunyani Nana Takyi Abbeam II says a logbook system is what is needed in Ghana now. He explained how that would help to Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng.

“Growing up, we used to see police on the road do comprehensive checks on vehicles and make sure everything was intact before driver licenses are even checked. It doesn’t happen these days and I believe it is time we went back to those days.

“These days it is very common to hear tyres of vehicles bursting on the roads. These are not good so I think it is time the National Road Safety Authority and government collaborated and got a logbook for every car.

“So when the police stop any driver and there is a problem with any part of the vehicle or if the driver’s license or the roadworthy has expired, the officer can write in this logbook, give remarks and state the grace period offered this driver to fix whatever problem there is and sign against.

“With this, any subsequent police officer who stops this vehicle will know the grace period given this driver so that when the time elapses and the problem is not fixed, then the driver can then be punished,” he said.