Former Head of the UN Office for West Africa and the Sahel, Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas says it is “regrettable” both Chairperson and former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission found themselves in a position that their competence were brought into question.

According to Mr. Chambas, in spite of their personal capacity, training, and experience, both Jean Mensa and Charlotte Osei “were victims of a process…a process of polarization…a process of appointment of an important role such as an electoral commissioner.”

“I feel that it is unfortunate that two highly qualified females have been caught in a situation even where their individual competence and other issues have come into play. I just feel that its very unfortunate that these two ladies have been caught in this web of politicking,” he said.

In view of this, Mr Chambas said Ghana needs more women like Jean Mensa and Charlotte Osei to be given more responsibilities and serve as role models in the society.

He stated that as a Ghanaian and someone who knows “both highly qualified Ghanaian females,” the unprintable words that have been used on these women are appalling, uncalled for, and “unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, Mr Ibn Chambas also charged the Electoral Commission (EC) to use a more consultative approach in its dealing with the various political parties as well as the management of the electoral process.

“If they (EC) can forward planning as it has done now taking into account recommendations of all the other observers such as the EU, ECOWAS and AU observers. We must combine what the international observers saw and then what the domestic observers also recommended going forwarded” he indicated.

The former UNOWAS boss urged the EC to also take into consideration useful recommendations put forward by the various local and international observer missions that participated in the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, with the aim of shaping Ghana’s fledgling democracy.