The lead counsel for John Mahama, the petitioner in the ongoing election petition hearing has said if the Electoral Commission Chair, Jean Mensa testifies to the truth, she will honour the God that she serves.

He said that Jean Mensa is a witness “who gave glory to God for what she was doing” and that she should assume the witness in honour of the God that she gave glory to in making a “purported declaration”.

“My Lord, the statement I am making is that it would honour that God if she would come forward as a witness of truth,” he added.

Tsatsu Tsikata said the truth is essential and her lawyers have challenged the truth in previous proceedings from witnesses whom John Dramani Mahama put forward.

“Because My Lady, in these proceedings, Council for the first respondent obviously on the basis of instructions from her has challenged the truth of witnesses that we have put forward and the account that they have given of interactions with her.”

Explaining further, Mr Tsikata cited the cases of Mr Mahama’s second witness Dr Kpessah Whyte and Rojo Mettle-Nunoo were challenged to tell the truth when they testified.

“In particular, in the case of Dr Whyte, counsel incessantly put to him that the accounts that he was given of why they left. Why he and Mr Mettle-Nunoo left the premises had to do with instructions that they received from her.”

“The witness several times had to say, why would we leave, our bags there. Why would we do that if this was not the case? Why would we do that? And counsel for the first respondent put to him, that he wasn’t there in the meeting,” he added.

Lawyer Tsikata argued that the truth between the interaction between Jean Mensah and Mr Mettle-Nunoo that happened on December 9, before the declaration were disclosed after Mr Nunoo testified.

He, therefore, wants Mrs Mensa to be made to mount the witness box so she tells the truth according to the God she serves and kept mentioning during prior to her declaration.