Joy Business, Graphic Communications Group and Access Bank have signed an agreement to support small and medium scale enterprises.

The clinic will seek to support businesses affected negatively by the impact of covid-19.

According to the Group Head of Business Banking at Access Bank, Kafui Bimpe, the partnership will aim to support and grow SMEs because SMEs are very critical to the development of the economy, and that they contribute so much to GDP, which is about 70%.

He added that about 90% of businesses registered in Ghana are SMEs and therefore they are trying to support the growth of SMEs.

“It’s not just any type of growth, we are looking at supporting them to grow sustainably. That is why we are partnering with Graphic Corporation so that we serve as enablers to enable them grow and bring that growth to the global level. We have a lot of product to support their growth, we want to provide advisory service, payment solutions and create market space for them”.

“Gone are the days where we define a market as a place where two or more people meet. What we are going to create for them is to take them to that global level by migrating them from the old ways of doing things so that they will also launch on the digital platform”, he pointed out.

“By so doing, they will have access to more customers, they will be able to expand their businesses and be able to play at that global level”, he added.

Deputy Editor of Graphic Business, Charles Benoni Okine also said since SMEs contribute a lot to the economy, there is the need to give them a platform to grow bigger to serve the economy well.
He added that they will be holding a series of workshops that will help SMEs manage their funds judiciously. “

“Getting money from the bank is very difficult when it comes to the SMEs, so we we want to tell them that this is an opportunity where they can demystify that misconception that if you take money you don’t need to spend it on lavish things but focus on the business – book keeping- the very basis that gets businesses to thrive”, he said.

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