Your Election Headquarters is partnering IMANI Africa to bring you the most in-depth coverage of the launch of the governing NPP’s 2020 manifesto.

JOYNEWS will be deploying its team of experienced anchors both in Cape Coast where the manifesto launch is taking place and from its television studios here in Accra for a full coverage hinged on real analysis.

The coverage will be live on the JOY NEWS Channel on Multi TV, on radio on JOY 99.7 FM, Luv 99.5 in Kumasi, our affiliates across the country, here on and across our social media platforms. 

The Election Headquarters is delighted to be partnering Policy Think Tank, IMANI Africa for this coverage. IMANI, has over the years carved a niche for itself in the critical analysis of political party manifestos. Its groundbreaking IMANIFESTO project has become a reference point. 

The IMANIFESTO 2019 progress report on the delivery of the NPP government’s election promises will be a key source of analysis ahead of the launch of the NPP’s 2020 manifesto. 

Head of the JOY NEWS Political Desk, Evans Mensah says the Election Headquarters will approach the coverage differently.  

“We just do not want to cover the event. This cannot be business as usual because it is an incumbent political party and they have had almost four years to implement their 2016 manifesto. So before they bring a new manifesto we must first critically assess what the government did with their last manifesto.” 

JOY NEWS is executing a 2020 election coverage plan focused on being useful to the voting public and assisting the electorateto make informed choices at the polls on December 7.

After the launch, this comprehensive coverage will measure the content of the 2020 manifesto against the real needs of the people.  

“We have been doing a lot of work ahead of this manifesto launch with one objective in mind, to be useful to our audience and they will see it all unfold when they join us on Saturday starting from Newsfile” noted Evans Mensah.