A senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Bossman Asare says there is nothing wrong with judges being affiliated to political parties, but their decisions on the bench should not be influenced by their inclination.

The populace, on the other hand, cannot be faulted if they take on judges base on their ruling, he asserted.

Dr Bossman Asare told Joy News’ Evans Mensah on Wednesday that people should be allowed to criticize and point out loopholes in ruling.

He advised that instead of people turning the gun on the critics and treating their concerns with contempt, their claims should be looked at in perspective to ascertain their merits.

President John Dramani Mahama today waded into the brouhaha over the allegations of political bias leveled against some judges of the Supreme Court who heard the election petition, describing the attacks as unnecessary.

The president said there was need for the nation to put the judgment of the nine-member panel on the election petition behind it and focus on building the nation.

But Dr Bossman Asare disagreed with the president on the score that the discussions on the judgment of the panel be shelved.

According to him, pointing out shortfalls in their ruling would not be a “recipe for disaster”, rather, it will help build the country’s democracy to the level “we can all trust”.

“A judge can be known to be very political but what does he do when it comes to the law? So I don’t think when a judge is tagged as belonging to party A or party B it should be a problem. Let’s look at the judgment; is it consistent with the law?… [With counsel tagging judges] we shouldn’t see that as a problem; it is one of the challenges you confront in building a working democracy. We need to learn from it and move on.”

Nevertheless, he described the utterances by some senior lawyers after the Supreme Court had given its verdict on the election petition as “irresponsible and completely unacceptable”.

He therefore charged the Ghana Legal Council to rein in their offensive members to sanitise the legal profession.

In another development, Dr Bossman Asare said the posture of the two leading political parties – National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party – shows that they are not ready for an all-inclusive government.