The Asokwa District Court complex

Three accused persons standing trial for the murder of social activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka Macho, are expected to make their third appearance at the Asokwa District Court.

Issakar Ibrahim, also known (Anyas), Fuseini Alhassan and Iddi Mohammed, have remand after their maiden court appearance on July 2, 2020.

Issakar Ibrahim and Fuseini Alhassan, both known to be New Patriotic Party Polling Station Executives in Ejura, have been without legal representation since their arrest on June 28, 2021, at about10:45 pm.

Iddi Mohammed, alias Chuburos and an elder brother of the late activist, is the only person among the three to have a counsel, with Setutsinam Anaglate of Anaglate and Associates law firm representing him.

The court, presided by Akua Adu Boahen on July 22, 2021, remanded the accused persons for the second time on August 12,2021.

The prosecution, led by Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi, prayed the court to remand the accused persons into police custody to enable police to complete investigations into the murder of the late social activist and a fashion designer by profession.

Family members, friends, and well-wishers of the three accused persons are have already filled the court, waiting anxiously for their arrival.

Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka Macho, died on admission at KATH at 01:40 hours on 28th June 2021.

Police say unknown assailant(s) attacked his occipital area with clubs as the deceased entered his Dagomba Line family house in Ejura on June 26, 2021.

Two people were killed whilst four others sustained gunshot wounds as the youth in Ejura protested over the murder of the activist.

A committee set up to probe the Ejura disturbances that ensued following the murder of the social activist has since presented its recommendations to government.

Though the government is yet to make the report public, Joynews understands the committee, chaired by an Appeals Court Judge, Justice George Kingsley Koomson, among other things, recommended the dismissal of embattled Municipal Chief Executive for Ejura-Sekyeredumase, Salisu Mohammed Bamba.

The Committee also suggested financial compensation for victims in the disturbances.

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