A group calling itself Friends of Rhoda have besieged the Asokwa District Court in Kumasi ahead of the hearing of a case in which a lecturer at KNUST is accused of kidnapping his wife.

Dr Wilberforce Aggrey has been standing trial over the disappearance of his wife, Rhodaline Amoah-Darko, staff at the Lands Commission.

Since September, Dr Aggrey, who has been in police custody, was last week denied bail by a Kumasi High Court after his lawyers applied for bail.

The police had earlier secured a court order for psychiatric examination after he was initially denied bail by the Asokwa District Court.

Friends of missing Lands Commission staff besiege Asokwa District Court ahead of hearing

The Friends of Rhoda, mostly made up of co-workers at Lands Commission, classmates, and well-wishers stormed the Asokwa District Court in branded T-shirts with pictures of the victim.

Inscription on the front shirts they adorned was “#Bring RhodaBack”, whereas, the back had “Justice4Rhoda: Resourceful, Humble, Outstanding Mother, Ambidextrous and Astute.”

Today is the third time Dr. Wilberforce Aggrey is appearing before the Asokwa District Court.

The group first made its presence felt when they hoisted a banner in front of the Kumasi High Court ahead of the bail application hearing brought before it by the lawyers of Dr Wilberforce Aggrey.

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