Indigenous beverage company, Kasapreko Company has appointed Richard Adjei as its new Chief Executive Officer. He takes over from the founder, Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

Since joining the company 10 years ago, Richard has been a key player in major business strategies and provided innovative solutions across Kasapreko’s portfolio of products. This includes the establishment of the 30 million dollar Krones plant and the new Sacmi plastic caps machine. Prior to working with Kasapreko, Richard Adjei worked extensively in managerial capacities in companies including KPMG and Converse Inc., a subsidiary of Nike.

Richard has risen through the ranks at Kasapreko from an intern to become the Chief Executive. His vision as Chief Executive is to maintain the Company’s market leadership position in the mainstream spirits market and expand into the soft drink and bottled water industry to become a total beverage company.

Reacting to the appointment, Richard Adjei said “I am deeply honored to be considered as the right person to take over from Dr. Kwabena Adjei. I have had the privilege to work with some of the most talented and creative people in this company and I believe my new role will bring out more of the creativity and innovation in employees across board to achieve the company’s vision. I am very pleased to lead Kasapreko and I look forward to adding value to the brand and growing the company with my team”.

Richard Adjei holds an MBA in Finance and Global Business, and a BSc. in Management and Liberal Studies – both from Bentley University in the USA.              His interests include business strategy, economics, product and business development as well as project management.

Kasapreko which started as a cottage industry in 1989 at Nungua has now grown into a multinational company with state-of-the-art fully automated plants located in the Accra Industrial Area, off the Spintex Road. The company which currently exports to Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and South Africa is working to develop the bitters market in other parts of the world.

Alomo Bitters, Kalahari Bitters, Carnival Strawberry, Kasapreko Brandy, K20 Gin & Whisky are some of its notable brands.

The Company was recently adjudged one of the best working places in Ghana.