Female prisoners in Kenya are calling for a change in laws that prevent them from enjoying sexual intimacy with their spouses when they visit them in jail.

The sex starved inmates have been making this demand since 2014.

They claim the current laws only allow a very limited time for their visiting spouse and relatives which prevents any form of intimacy.

An inmate, Sofia Swaleh who is serving a life sentence at the Mtangani GK Prison in Malindi, Kilfi County, made the call on behalf of her fellow inmates.

“The Government, through the leadership of Kenyan prisons, should introduce a law that allows women serving lengthy jail terms enjoy sexual intimacy with their visiting husbands,” Swaleh of the Mtangani GK Prison in Malindi, Kilfi County said.

However, Mtangani GK Prison senior administrator, Purity Nkatha Muthaura in an interview with K24 digital, said such a demand could not be permitted unless, the Kenyan parliament passes a new law allowing it.

The pursuit to have conjugal visits introduced into the country started years ago.

In 2014, similar requests were made but the country’s detention centers were unsuccessful as the Government was not in favour of inmates having conjugal relations.