Polling station executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Keta in the Volta Region on Friday joined residents to protest against the President’s nominee as Municipal Chief Executive, Godwin Edudzi Effah.

The nominee according to the group is an "alien" and not known to the party in the Keta constituency.

"Godwin Edudzi Effah is an alien and we don't know him and cannot work with him," their spokesperson, Kissinger Gbemu said. According to him, Mr. Effah is rather from the Anloga constituency, not Keta. 

They said the president was deceived into nominating Godwin Effah and also accused the regional executives of the party for “imposing” an unfamiliar person on them as MCE-nominee.

Keta residents demo MCE

The demonstrators are of the view that Keta's development, including the revamping of the poor and weak infrastructure of the Keta market, need someone who understands the terrain and the economic fortunes and prospects of the people. 

According to them, the nominee who is a bursar of Keta Senior High School does not know the political terrain and the socio-economic potential of the area adding that they cannot vouch for him.

Keta residents demo MCE

In an interview with one of the elders of the Party, Mr Senanu Dotsey, urge the President to withdraw the nominee within 48hours and replace him with someone from any of the towns in the Keta constituency. 

“Do not blame us for anything that happens if you dare try to forcibly confirm that man,” he stated.

Keta residents demo MCE