The Managing Partner of Gyandoh Asmah & Co., Attorney Kofi Asmah has been appointed by the Diaspora African Forum (DAF) as its new Economic Counsellor.

He assumes office September 3, 2020.

Attorney Asmah’s efforts as Chairman for the Ghanaian Hungarian Business Council helped in the injection of approximately 100 million Euros in Agriculture, Industry, Sanitation, and Energy sectors in Ghana by the Hungarian Exim Bank.

Commenting on his appointment Attorney Asmah indicated that in his new role he would be “developing and executing programs and initiatives that are geared to endow DAF with the means to more effectively meet the expectations of our constituents and other stakeholders.’’

His appointment to this new role follows a long-standing commitment between the DAF and the African Development Bank to create avenues for Africans in the Diaspora to increase foreign direct investment in Africa towards the economic development of the continent.

With the leadership of Her excellency Dr. Erika Bennet and board members such as Rev Jesse Jackson, AMB Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III, the Diaspora African Forum has undertaken many projects in Africa and the diaspora notably enriching the economies of the underprivileged African States, alleviating poverty on the Continent and Strengthening relationships between the Diaspora and Continental Africans.

To entrench the gains of the DAF, Attorney Asmah is overseeing the establishment of the Diaspora African Chamber of Commerce to enable the business community in Africa form active partnerships with Diaspora African businesses all over the world, especially in the US and Europe.