The much-anticipated ‘2021 Made in Taadi Concert’ has been enhanced to make this year’s Christmas festivities more gratifying and memorable for enthusiasts.

The concert, organised by the Team Move Management and headlined by highlife musician, Kofi Kinaata is expected to consist of “three mega-events in two cities.”

Since the inception of the much-loved Made in Taadi Concert in 2017, the typical programme line-up has been an open-air concert in Western Region’s capital, Takoradi.

Kofi Kinaata announces outline for Made In Taadi Concert V

However, this year’s event has been well-tailored to meet the fan base of the ‘Thy Grace’ hitmaker.

According to the management, Made in Taadi Concert V will take off in the first week of December with an event dubbed “Corporate Highlife Show.”

This gig will be held at the +233 Jazz Bar and Grill in Accra on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

“Carefully selected Highlife artistes together with the headliner, Kofi Kinaata has been billed to give patrons a memorable experience,” parts of the statement issued on Thursday read.

Next on the programme line-up is the “Capacity Building Seminar”.

Known in real life as Martin King Arthur, the Efiakuma indigene seeks to give back to society by impacting the lives of the youth in his hometown.

Thus, he has set up this session to engage the younger ones back at home on the requisite life and career development skills needed to succeed.

The seminar, which has been themed “Untapped Opportunities in a Pandemic Era”, will be the second time featuring in the Made in Taadi Concert after debuting in 2020.

It is scheduled to come off on Thursday, December 23, 2021.

Climaxing the concert will be the main event which will “see the performances from some of Ghana’s finest music talents” on Friday, December 24.

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