The newly appointed Kotoko Board of Directors, led by Dr. K.K. Sarpong, has stated that it has no interest in voodoo known in local parlance as ‘juju’, and would not spend the club’s money on ‘juju’ to win matches in the coming seasons.

Speculations were rife recently that Kumasi Asante Kotoko spent close to one billion old Cedis on ‘juju’ in the 2009/10 season alone.

Ironically, the club battled to escape relegation for most parts of that season and even failed to finish among the first four.

Reacting to a question posed by Frederick Acheampong aka ‘Achee’ of Kessben FM as to whether his administration would follow the same ‘juju’ trend, Dr. Sarpong responded with a big “No”.

Instead of using Kotoko’s hard-earned money on ‘juju’ also known as ‘ways and means,’ he stated that those monies would be given to the players to motivate them to deliver.

Dr. Sarpong however was quick to state that Kotoko fans that have firm belief in ‘juju’ could go ahead to do it at their own expense for the club. “They should not come to me for money for ‘juju,” he maintained.

The Kotoko Board Chairman gave hints about the club’s intentions to venture into the player transfer market to fortify the squad but said “we will buy only those that will be loyal to Kotoko’s cause”.

He explained that Coach Ebo Mends would be given free hands with regard to poaching new players for the club and added that plans are also in the pipeline to sponsor Kotoko’s technical team to upgrade themselves either locally or abroad.

Dr. Sarpong also announced that Kotoko would soon construct a ‘Players’ Village’ where the club’s footballers would be housed to solve the perennial accommodation problem of the team once and for all.

The Kotoko CEO debunked rumours that he is new in football, saying he was a player in his school days and that he has been following football for many years.

Source: Daily Guide/Ghana


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