The University of Ghana chapter of the Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) will on Friday host investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni for its maiden youth development talk.

The mini K-Talk targeting students and other young people will be under the theme; “making a difference.”

“It will seek to propel everyone to stand out and brighten the corner where they are,” Elizabeth Dansoa Osei, a third year University of Ghana student and the campus representative for the chapter, explained.

The Kufuor Scholars Program (KSP) is an initiative of the John A. Kufuor Foundation, an organization founded by former President John Agyekum Kufuor after he stepped down from office.

The KSP seeks to imbibe effective leadership skills in tertiary level students so they can help develop the nation. The KSP recruits 25 to 30 students every year through a competitive application process to participate in a three-year long training and mentorship program.

The K-Talk lecture series which is organized by the scholars, brings resource persons from diverse disciplines and fields to cultivate a sense of transformational leadership and patriotism in the scholars and other students.

Ms. Osei explained the virtual session with Manasseh Azuri Awuni will seek to offer students direction on how to make a difference in the development of the country.

“There are a lot of people across the globe doing absolutely nothing to cause change or even make the world a better place. Many people even believe that they don’t have what it takes to make a difference in the world. The truth is, every one of us was put in this world to contribute and make a difference,” she observed.

“You can be a president but if you don’t stand out, you’re just ordinary. You can be a lawyer, a bank manager, a teacher, a farmer, a civil servant or even a journalist. But if you don’t stand out, you’re just ordinary. That is what this talk will seek to encourage young people to do. Standout,” Ms. Osei added.

Manasseh Azure Awuni is an award-winning freelance journalist who has in the past worked with the Multimedia Group Limited.

His investigative stories have landed corrupt government officials and other societal role models in prison. He is author of three books.