Norway based goalkeeper Adam Larsen Kwarasey has strongly denied reports that he has dropped his interest in playing for Ghana despite what has been a long drawn out process to formalize his switch from Norway to Ghana.

The 23-year old is waiting for confirmation of his switch by world football governing body Fifa after formally expressing interest.

He has also acquired a Ghana passport and the Norway Football Federation has confirmed in writing that they have no objection to the switch as is required.

Kwarasey told reports that he was no longer interested in playing for the Black Stars are ‘lies’ and says he always knew the changeover was not going to be a straight forward issue.

“I have always said that once I have formally expressed my interest, it is not my job to go chasing the transfer. It is not my job to run after the paper work. I have done my part as a player and I have always known these things take time,” he said.

“My job is to play well on the field and prove to the Ghana officials that I am good enough for the Black Stars and that is what I am going to do but to say chasing the paperwork and the switch is not my job is not the same as saying I am no longer interested in playing for Ghana. I made that decision to opt for Ghana after careful thought and it is one that I am determined to see through.”

Kwarasey, born to a Norwegian mother and a Ghanaian father represented Norway at U-20 level but is convinced his international future lies with the Black Stars.

He had his best season at club level for Stromsgodsted last season playing over 30 games as they won the Norway Cup.

Now he is hoping for even better as they head into the Norway League season on Sunday and the chance to make his case for a Ghana call up when it matters most.



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