Yaa Nyarko says her sister is in dire need of blood

On Day Two of the nationwide Laboratory Scientists strike,  the story on the plight of a dying 50-year-old woman at the Manhyia Government Hospital is not only sad but a frustrating one.

Relatives of a 50-year-old woman(name withheld)  from Antoa in the Ashanti Region who needs blood at the Manhyia government hospital say they risk losing her if no she does not get access to blood.

The woman on referral from a private health facility  at Abirem has been in need of blood since Wednesday.

A sister of the sick woman in dire need of blood, Yaa Nyarko, says the family is in a fix as they await divine intervention.

“We are confused as to where we can get her blood. Do the lab scientists  want to see my sister dead before they return to work,” she quizzed.

Relatives say results from blood samples taken to the laboratory have not returned since Wednesday as the blood banks remain closed due to the ongoing strike by the laboratory scientists.

The labs at the Manhyia Government Hospital also remain locked as stranded patients struggle for their services.

Mad Yaa Nyarko expressed the  family’s frustrations .

“My sister has been on admission here. She was admitted three days ago.

“She is in dire need of blood. The laboratory scientists were supposed to have returned the results of her samples they took yesterday so they can start the transfusion. But we came only to be told the laboratory scientists are on strike.

“She has been left to her fate.”                                                   

Eric Kofi Aidoo www.myjoyonline.com
Eric Kofi Aidoo is Ashanti Regional Chairman of Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists

Responding to the concerns of the family, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Eric Kofi Aidoo, said there is little the striking members can do to save the woman.

“I feel bad to hear her story. But I think that me feeling bad for her should also prompt the government also to resolve this matter once and for all. In fact, it is not our wish, it is not our liking that issue should get this way. If I had my own will, maybe I would have helped her out but unfortunately, the blood bank is locked,” he said.

“The medical superintendent and the administrator have locked up the place because they feel that once the strike is also on there is no reason for lab scientist to be around and so there is nobody around and the offices are all locked and so in her situation I wish I could help but unfortunately nothing can really happen now,” he added.

He suggests the relatives arrange to get the woman transferred to a private facility.

“Taking her out of the hospital is an option but unfortunately where exactly is she taking her to? Maybe to a private facility who may have the blood to give but to a public facility I doubt because the same lab scientist should be around to help them,” he said.

Unfortunately the lab scientist are not there so maybe the only option now is for her to take her to a private hospital.

But the family says they can no longer afford the cost of private care after a similar adventure at Abirem had drained the family.

“We have  spent so much on her condition ever since we came here. Even then, she is yet to receive optimum care. She insisted we take her home to die or resort to the consumption of vegetable to regain blood. But we cannot gamble with her safety,” he added.