The leader of a group of demonstrators who were calling for the dismissal of the National Security Coordinator Gbevlo Lartey is in police grips.

Hajia Sherifatu Sulley is at the Police Headquarters to answer possible charges of breach of the Public Order Act, Joy News’ Anne Osabutey confirmed.

She led hundreds of demonstrators to the ruling party’s HQ, Tuesday, demanding the dismissal of the National Security Coordinator.

They accused Col. Gbevlo Lartey of working against the president and scheming to have his son voted as Member of Parliament for the Hohoe South Constituency in the Volta Region.

According to the demonstrators, Col. Lartey allegedly purchased a vehicle for a chief in the Volta Region who is purported to have publicly insulted the president. They claimed the car was a reward to the chief for insulting the president.

The Security Coordinator has however denied the allegations, maintaining the demonstration is a plot- by persons he would not name- to get him out of office.

He has vowed not to be cowed by the machinations of the schemers.

A day after the demonstration, Joy News has learnt Hajia Sherifatu Sulley may have breached the Public Order Act in organizing the demonstration and is in police grips.

She however told Osabutey she did not breach the public order act in organizing the demonstration.

It is not yet clear if she would be hauled before court.