The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s (GIPC) first-ever garment and textiles investment meeting aimed at raising valuable Foreign Direct Investment for the industry continues today.

With the popularity gained by the local textiles and garments industry in recent times, the meeting is crucial as it will elevate the industry to a more lucrative one.

The meeting which creates a platform for the GIPC and key stakeholders in the garments and textiles industry is themed “The future of garments and textiles in Ghana’s industrialisation drive”.

Opening the meeting on Wednesday, CEO of GIPC, Yofi Grant noted the industry has been a very important aspect of Ghana’s development.

He described the sector as a more exciting one, economically, stressing that Ghana is a culturally diverse country “and in that sphere when you go to the creative, we make use of that diversity in presenting many different looks and views, and our cloths reflect where we come from, the way we dress within Ghana”.  

Sector players; the Association of Ghana Apparel Manufacturers (AGAM) and the Cotton Development Authority will continue a discussion on some issues akin to the industry.

The two-day virtual meeting which starts at 10 am is expected to end on Thursday, November 5.

Owing to the Ghanaian’s sense of pride and claim to local textiles and garments, the virtual program is opened to the public to enable participation. Interested persons are to register on