Several volunteers trooped to the forecourt of Luv FM in Kumasi to participate in the regular blood donation exercise. 

Over 100 units of blood were collected in the drive to stock the Komfo Anokye Blood Bank.

Organizers say the turnout could have been better but for the COVID-19 pandemic and an earlier change in date for the exercise. 

Deputy Chief Blood Donor Manager, Christian Oppong Mensah says previous donation drives by Luv Fm and Nhyira FM recorded huge turnout.

“Usually a lot of people troop in here to donate blood. But today was not much to our expectation. Well, a unit of blood id essential to us. Even if we get 50, it is very important to save lives.”

The program was dubbed ‘Easter Blood Donation’, but it was not done on Easter. Mr Oppong Mensah says the change in date might have caused the low turnout.

The date was postponed to April 5 after an earlier proposal of a April 3.

One of the regular donors, Baffour Akwasi Agyemang, who has donated blood for seventy one times, encouraged the public to voluntarily donate blood.

“Donating blood to save lives is not so difficult. Importantly, we do it to save the lives of others who need help.”

Another, a second time donor, Francis Boakye Yiadom said, ” I went for a health screening and I was told, I have too much blood in my system. So I needed o donate.”

Christian Oppong Mensah encourages people to donate blood periodically. He believes this will replenish the stock at the Blood Banks to help save lives.

“Blood Donation should be a periodic thing. It is not something you do once. With Komfo Anokye being the referral centre and a teaching hospital, a lot of conditions require blood transfusion. We have maternal complications, anaemic patients, accident victims, cancer patients, people who are to undergo surgery; they wait anxiously for our blood,” he said.

This blood donation exercise is part of Luv FM’s corporate social media responsibility initiatives. It is organised in collaboration with the Komfo Anokye Blood Bank.

Sponsors include Smooth Natural Clinic, PhytoScience Gh Limited, Anwiam Clinic, Ignageo Pharmacy, Smooth Natural Clinic, Men’s Hope Prostrate and Tawheed llaboratory.

Others are Express Group, Laud K Pharmacy, Daud Herbal Hospital Limited, Ghana Revenue Authority, Naturalin, Robert and Sons Optical Services and Agyaba Jewellery.