The MacDan private jet terminal will commence operations from Friday, January 28, 2022,

The company is thus assuring patrons of high-class aviation and business services.  

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Friday, the Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Daniel McKorley, said that the state-of-the-art terminal at the Kotoka International Airport has been equipped with the best aviation and entertainment facilities to provide top-notch services to all, especially business owners.

“We have all the stakeholders there to take care of you. If you want to relax, the place is very comfortable; you can relax, you can have your snacks, you can have your meetings and you can fly into Ghana without even leaving the terminal. You can have all your meetings within the terminal and then you can fly back,” he said.

In addition, he stated that the private jet terminal (terminal one) complements terminal three at KIA since all private jets are now mandated to come through terminal one.

“It’s an international terminal and it has in store, serious jets for operations. It’s a terminal that gives service to a certain class of people. If you want to hire a jet, the jet will be available for you and you can fly everywhere with it. These are not jets for small boys,” he emphasized.

There is also well-trained staff to provide quality services to all clients.

“The business class will experience another level of aviation. Service is 5-star service,” he said.

“We also have the most experienced cabin crew. Most of them are coming from emirates,” he added.    

Business owners are not the only beneficiaries of this terminal as the nation will also benefit enormously from this initiative.

According to him, the terminal will be creating jobs for over 500 Ghanaians. He stated that his outfit has begun training many Ghanaian pilots and other staff in aviation to help run the facility.

“We’re looking at job creation [and] I prefer to run the terminal with Ghanaian pilots. About 500 people and over will be employed,” he said.

Stating his motivation for this, he explained that “traveling in Africa and beyond within certain class has been a problem and we realised that we have to change the business strategy and this has been on the drawing board for the past years, but it has now been made a reality,” he said.

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