A Senior Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana says the "reshuffling" of Mrs Charlotte Osei from the National Commission on Civic Education to the  Electoral Commission is a potentially bad precedent.

Dr Ransford Gyampo does not understand why the head of a constitutional body who has security of tenure would be moved to another independent body.

"What if the NPP comes to power and decides that the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice is vacant and so reshuffles the EC chair to CHRAJ?" Dr Gyampo asked in a chat with Myjoyonline.com.

The president on Thursday announced the appointment of Charlotte Osei as the successor of Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan who is retired after 20 years of service at the Electoral Commission.

Mrs Osei until her appointment was the head of the National Commission on Civic Education.

Her appointment has triggered varying opinions from different political watchers and activists. Whilst some have welcomed the appointment others have kicked against it.

Dr Gyampo who lecturers at the University of Ghana believes the appointment could have dire repercussion on political appointments and could undermine judicial independence.

He argued the boss of the NCCE does enjoy security of tenure and can only be removed if he or she engages in serious misdemeanours.

He does not also understand why the president would seek to reappoint a chairperson of a constitutional body, NCCE, to another constitutional body, EC, adding that is a dangerous precedence that has been set.

The academic was even more worried about the timing of the president's announcement, given that a case about the appointment of the EC is before the Supreme Court.

A journalist with Citi FM Richard Sky had proceeded to the Supreme Court to seek interpretation on the processes to follow in appointing a new Electoral Commissioner.

The court has set a date in July to give its ruling but just before the highest court rules on the matter, the president appointed Charlotte Osei to take over from  Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan.

This Ransford Gyampo believes could undermine judicial independence.

"Why didn't Mahama wait till the Supreme Court ruling on the matter pending before it? This is an unnecessary and contemptuous affront to judicial independence. Rules, customs and conventions teach us to restrain ourselves when a matter is pending before the courts. Mahama could have demonstrated some commitment and respect for these conventions as a sign of a regime that believes in the rule of law and due processes. Why that rush?" he said on his facebook wall.

The political science lecturer also took a swipe at persons raising questions about the neutrality or otherwise of the newly appointed EC chair.

He said the EC chair like any human being is a political animal and may naturally have an affinity to one political party or another but said elections are won or lost at the polling station.

"Even if John Mahama appoints Nana Addo as the EC boss and the NPP acts irresponsibly at the polling stations as they did in the 2012 elections, the NPP will still not win!!!" he stated.