Kwadwo Ansah, a 31-year-old stone contractor, was yesterday sentenced to death by hanging by a Koforidua High Court for committing murder.

The convict, also known as “Akonta” was said to have stabbed Kwame Awuku to death at Dawu on January 31, 2006.

Though, he pleaded not guilty to the, murder charge preferred against him, the seven-member jury found him guilty and pronounced the appropriate verdict on him.

The Presiding Judge, Justice G.S. Suurbaareh, said that the convict would be hanged as prescribed by law.

This, he said, would serve as a deterrent to the energetic youth who act on impulse, take the law into their own hands and destroy life and property without recourse to the laws of the land, either at the least provocation or through instigation.

Justice Suurbaareh said that the prosecutor, Mr. Emmanuel Essampong, the State Attorney had proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the convict indeed, committed the offence.

According to the-prosecution Kwadwo Ansah who resided at Koforidua at the time went to Dawu, his village and heard that his younger brother Edward Ansah, a photographer, had been assaulted by Awuku and his friend Kweku Otua over a photograph taken by the convict’s brother without permission.

Mr Essampong said that following the assault the convict’s brother reported Awuku and his friend to the police and they were arrested but later granted bail.

The prosecutor said that when Kwadwo Ansah came from Koforidua and heard that his younger brother had been assaulted, he confronted Awuku alias (Kwame Liman) and for no apparent reason, stabbed him to death on January 31, 2006 at about 10 pm.

Ansah was subsequently arrested by the police at Adukrom while he was looking for a vehicle to go back to Koforidua after the offence.

A search on him revealed the knife he allegedly used to stab the deceased.

Source: Ghanaian Times


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