Mark Darlington Osae, the manager of UK-based Ghanaian musician, Reggy Zippy, has supported the singer for a comment he made in a Facebook post regarding artiste earning a decent living.

Reggy Zippy, in the said post, advised upcoming musicians in Ghana to quit doing music and focus on learning a trade so they can earn a living for themselves.

He said the systems and structures in the country do not provide the enabling environment for young artists.

“Your favourite celebrities are surviving by crazy means and unconventional strategies that you may not have the heart to endure.”

He added, “If you’re an upcoming Ghanaian music artist reading this post right now, I want you to quit doing music in Ghana and go and learn a trade, go get some new vocational skills like Carpentry, Masonry, Hairdressing, Tailoring, or further your education in law, accounting, Engineering., Marketing or in Science.

“Take my advice today and you will thank me in 10years time cuz apart from ARMED ROBBERY, doing music in Ghana is the 2nd most dangerous job you can ever do.”

His ‘advice’ has since been rejected by some players in the music industry who have described it as inappropriate and lacking merit.

However, his manager, Mark Darlington Osae, has urged Ghanaians to look deeper into the issues raised by the singer.

“We should look at the context and perspective. What he is saying is that the system is so bad that’s why only a little percentage are making actual money from the music they make.

“I agree [with him] to a larger extent although it was his personal post. When Reggy was here [in Ghana] and left music, he went to learn a trade as an accountant before opportunity came [for him to travel to the UK].

“So if they [Ghanaian musicians] do not want to get into that state (of being financially unstable), then they should find something else to do,” he told Andy Dosty on Showbiz Review, Friday.