Talented Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah says she will be shooting very good Christian movies with good moral values this year.

Martha, who has been labeled as a ‘porn’ actress following her explicit scenes in ‘Heart of Men’ and ‘Kiss Me If You Can’, made this revelation on Hitz FM when asked what she had in stock for her fans in 2015.

She added that as part of her social responsibilities, she will be supporting the Autism Ambassador Mamagah, a student of the Ghana Technology University College, to organize parties for autistic patients come this April.

She explained, she is hesitant in featuring in some movies because she "very selective about the kind of jobs I do". 

"All the witchcraft, juju, whatever movies don’t help our nation, doesn’t help our society, it doesn’t help people and so if scripts like that come and I’m not showing up, people are like Martha is something.”

According to her, “some of us can take a bold step and say this is not good and so we are not going to do it. And so, I’ve tried by the grace of God to reject a lot of these scripts and I see most of my colleges doing that so we can actually put good movies out there.”

“Because anytime you interview most of these actors, they say I want to be in Hollywood but trust me; Hollywood is not doing something like this so let’s try and do movies that will take us there,” she added.

When asked what could be done to flush out these not-so-good-movies out of the system, Martha responded: “It depends on the producers. When they come to me and I tell them I don’t really like the script, that you can change the script, you can even work on it, make it good…

“They tell me, Martha, it is selling ooo, this is what is selling so it depends on the producers and the marketers. It is selling, but I don’t want to be part of it”.

She is currently shooting a new movie which is set to be released soon.