The commercial private jet services set to be operated from the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and managed by McDan Aviation, will start from January 28, Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Daniel McKorley disclosed this to Joy Business .

“We were looking forward to it being opened earlier in the year, but it was clashing with other big events in town.”

Mr. McKorley admitted that the motivation for entering into the business was first to make money, impact society positively and change lives.

“It has been my motivation to be the best everywhere that I operate as a businessman,” he added.

McDan's commercial private jet service to take off January 28

Details on commercial private jet services

McDan Aviation in 2019 received a licence to operate what can be described as the first purpose-built FBO, offering business aircraft operators a secure and private alternative to the airport’s main terminal for international travels. 

The facility will include a VIP lounge, a presidential suite, a crew lounge and flight planning office as well as conference facilities and a hanger.

It will also have facilities that will allow passengers and crew to complete customers and immigration procedures in the same building in addition to a restaurant and in-flight catering.

According to the Executive Chairman of McDan Group, the facility will make it easier for travels across the region and the world by businesses wanting to quickly close deals and get back home.

Mr. McKorley noted that there is a total connection between Africa and the world when it comes to the necessary on-ground services for the Executive Private Jets.

Securing Terminal One from Ghana Airport Company

Mr. McKorley also rejected reports that Terminal 1 was a handout from the government.

He maintained that this is purely a private business transaction with Ghana Airports Company and McDan Aviation, structured under a lease agreement over a period.

He disclosed that Terminal 1 was “lying ideal” following the decision of the Ghana Airports Company to move domestic flights to Terminal 2.  Mr. McKorley noted that Terminal 1 would have been in a deplorable state by now if this agreement has not been reached with the managers of the airport.

Other services that McDan Aviation will offer to the public

Terminal 1 also offers other services to the public and the business community. This include an air ambulance service and ‘Helipad’ business as well.

Mr. McKorley noted that his outfit plans to offer total aviation services to the public when the facility formally opens.

“The ‘Helipad’ business should help in boosting domestic tourism as well as aid business owners to move around quickly in the country to transact the necessary business deals,“ he noted.

The Terminal 1 and Job creation

According to Dr. McKorley, about 500 Jobs will be created from the establishment of the Terminal 1 Executive Jet services and other related businesses. 

He maintained that this will be in the form of direct and indirect jobs, assuring that there is a commitment to ensure that majority of these jobs go to Ghanaians.

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