Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited, has unveiled a new retail health insurance product designed to provide comprehensive health insurance needs of individuals and families including the treatment of COVID-19.

The Family Health Plus (FHP), which is the first of its kind in Ghana, is intended to take up all issues related to treatment with added advantages which include access to over 500 health service providers, a wider benefit limit and no age limit for beneficiaries.

Addressing stakeholders in an online virtual meeting, the Country Head of the company, Tawiah Ben-Ahmed expressed optimism the new product will contribute to increasing the penetration of private health insurance in Ghana which is currently at about 0.7%.

Board Chair for Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited, Albert Brocke, says the Family Health Plus through its affordable and flexible payment options could become a game-changer in healthcare financing and access in the West African sub-region.

Executive Director of Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana, Emmanuel Oteng Tuffour said the product is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

About FHP

The ‘Family Health Plus+’ comes in 3 variants; Olive, Silver and Maroon.

All 3 variants have comprehensive In-patient and Out-patient services that provide quality and hassle-free healthcare cover for clients.

Essential In-patient healthcare needs covered include; surgeries, organ transplants, renal dialysis, hospitalisation and ambulance services.

For Out-patient clients, healthcare needs covered include; medications, consultations, pathology and radiology, optical dental services and some benefits in response to Covid-19.

Individuals and families that subscribe to the ‘Olive’ category of the Family Health Plus+ enjoy Ghs 59,050 and Ghs 8,800 in In-patient and Out-patient benefits respectively.

In the case of the Silver category, clients stand to receive a total of Ghs 70,000 and Ghs 11,800 in In-patient and Out-patient benefits.

For the Maroon category, In-patient and Out-patient benefits total Ghs 101,250 and Ghs 14,700 respectively.

To be enrolled in any of the three categories, a monthly average of Ghs 600 has to be paid as premium through very flexible payment options such as Mobile Money (MoMo), cash, direct debit, cheque and paypoint.

Family Health Plus+ is open to all with no age limits and can be accessed from over 500 service provider networks – mainly hospitals – spread across the country.

It also offers telemedicine and mobile pharmacy services enabling medical consulting, prescription and drugs delivery to clients in their homes. Refunds for payment of medical expenses by clients are also allowed where service is sought outside the service provider network.

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