Michy (Credit: Instagram/@michygh. Photo by @lorlornyophotography)

Actress Michelle Diamond, popularly known as Michy, has revealed that the pregnancy photos she posted on her birthday was a prank.

According to the ex-wife of Shata Wale, she put on a removable pregnancy belly and took pictures with them.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz, she disclosed that the prank was aimed at advising people not to believe everything they see on social media.

“I was feeling mischievous on my birthday and yeah when you (media), me, you deal with me very well, so I was like let me play with you all a little bit. It was a harmless prank, that didn’t take me to Ankaful, we thank God for that,” Michy said.

This comes a week after Michy shared some pregnancy photos to mark her birthday. 

This has left some fans confused, especially since the actress’ posts over the past few weeks showed no sign of pregnancy.

However, many people believed she was pregnant stating she could have hidden it. Some of her followers and celebrities congratulated her.

Meanwhile, Michy explained that people fake their lives on social media, hence it is important for young men and women to be careful who they envy on the various platforms.

Michy stated that it is okay to admire people as much as they want, however, young adults need to find content in what they have.

“If I could fake that, anybody can fake their lives. Celebrities lie, they fake lives, and everybody lies. Just stay focused on your journey. Watch what they do as entertainment, but don’t say ‘wow, I wish I could be them’. They probably have more issues,” she added.