Former songstress and the Director of Golden Movie Awards Africa, Mimi Andani Micheals, has welcomed her first child.

She announced the birth of her baby, Marvella Zanetor Dzikunu Michaels, on Instagram with a shot of her pregnancy.

Calling her daughter a miracle child, Mini noted that “I am here to celebrate God’s mercies, favour and grace upon my life.”

She revealed she had gone through two miscarriages prior to her child’s birth. She also stated that she had gone through anxiety, panic attacks and depression to birth her “miracle child”.

Mimi wrote that “God has finally done it in His own time and after everything that has happened, I understand why He chose now! Indeed in His time, He makes all things beautiful. It might delay but it definitely not a denial. If He did it for me, yours is absolutely a walk in a park!”

The Director of Golden Movie Awards Africa urged her followers and friends to genuinely thank God for her, adding; “He has been faithful.”

On his page, husband of Mimi, Nana Michaels, thanked his wife for the gift of parenthood.

To his daughter, he wrote, “Dear Zanetor, I love you with every vein in me and I have been waiting for so long to meet you, but you came at an appointed time by God and I am the most happiest Pappi in the world right now!”

“Dearest daughter, welcome to this crazy world baby but daddy got you 24/7. thank you for ending the darkness “Zanetor”.”