The Minority in Parliament is demanding an apology and retraction from President Akufo-Addo over his response to the Paramount Chief of Aflao, Torgbui Adzonu-Gaga Amenya Fiti V, on the abandoned E-block in the area.

Earlier this week, the Chief issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Education to operationalise the abandoned community senior high school in the area which has stalled since 2016.

The President, responding to the Chief on Accra-based Peace FM, Thursday, asked him to complete the project himself if he is tired about the delay.

Amidst laughter, President Akufo-Addo quizzed, “Is he [the chief] the one going to give the Minister of Education ultimatum?”

But the Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Education Committee, Clement Apaak, has described the President’s comment as shocking and a bad example for the younger generation.

“I think it is most unfortunate. The President ought to withdraw that comment and apologize because that is not the best response one can expect from the person who is handling our public resources.”

According to him, “the chief does not hold our resources in our trust, he doesn’t superintend over our taxes collected by the state, he doesn’t appoint the Finance Minister.”

“I am shocked at why the President would have chosen the kind of response that he gave. That is not right [and] he is not setting a good example for the youth of this nation,” Dr Apaak told JoyNews on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Minority has revealed its intention to file a motion to compel the government to answer questions on the state of the E-Block projects in the country.

“We are told that since the NDC left office, work came to a halt and no contractor has shown up. The others are at various stages of completion.”

“We saw one that is about 40% complete, one about 80% complete and in fact one instance it is even 100% complete and yet it has not been put to use. We even intend to file a motion, to ask the government to account to us,” Clement Apaak added.

The Minority says it will continue to use every legitimate means to ensure Ghana gets value for the money used on resources.

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