The Deputy Chairperson for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has criticised security agencies for poorly managing information about the three girls suspected kidnapped in Takoradi.

Kathleen Addy said conspiracy theory about the missing girls are festering because state agencies have failed to feed the public with timely and regular information about the girls.

“We know that in an investigation not everything is made public but at least, even for the safety and the peace of mind of citizens, certain amounts of information need to be given regularly,” she said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Monday.

“Even if it has come to a bad end, if the information process is managed properly, at least there is a way in which you prepare people’s minds. You avoid the conspiracy theories and then you create an environment where lessons are learnt,” she added.

Kathleen Addy NCCE SMS

Photo (above): Kathleen Addy

A major breakthrough by police on Friday in the bizarre incident intensified public interest.

The key suspect being held in connection with the kidnapping, Samuel Odeotuk Wills, led police investigators to his former home at Kasaworodo in the Western Region capital where some human remains were taken from a septic tank.

Kidnapped girls

The three girls, Mantebea Koranchie, 15, Ruth Love Quayson, 18, and Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21 have been reported missing for close to one year.

The timing of Friday’s uncovering of the skeletons in the septic tank has whipped up the conspiracy that some persons in government were trying to turn public attention from a scandal in which private investors are suspected to have used fraudulent means to win a major power distribution contract.

Commenting on the matter on the Super Morning Show, the Deputy NCCE Chairperson said the doubts that the public has about the latest discovery could have been prevented.

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