Deputy Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee for Youth and Sports, Boniface Gambila has said Ghanaians should blame the late President John Evans Atta Mills and President John Dramani Mahama for the rot in the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA).

According to him the GYEEDA project was a special project that the late President Mills and the then Vice President Mahama had direct oversight of and control of monies involved.

Speaking on “Burning Issues” on Adom FM, Mr. Gambila stated that the two could therefore be held directly responsible for the mismanagement and misapplication of the monies involved in the program.

He said all monies that were signed for and withdrawn were signed during the 2012 election period and were authorized by both the late president and the current president.

“Looking at the monies involved, there is no way a junior member of government would have signed such huge amounts of money except high officials in government including the president and the then vice president,” he argued.

Mr. Gambila stated that “a lot of controversies such as lack of framework, non-compliance with financial accounting administration regulations, no clear leadership and the weaknesses in the structure of the GYEEDA” were a result of poor leadership on the part of the late President Mills and President Mahama.

According to him, the committee set up by the president to investigate the GYEEDA rot was part of a scheme by the president to shift attention away from himself.

He stated that the GYEEDA Report, which recommended that the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) should prosecute officials cited as engaging in financial impropriety, will not amount to anything because those cited for fraud by the report had the backings of the president.

Mr. Gambila said the recommendations in the report will be treated just like Martin Amidu-Waterville case, where government has still not had the courage to collect the money from Waterville.

The MP challenged the president to take immediate and drastic actions on the GYEEDA Report if he (the president) believes he has no hand in the rot.

He stated that “If I were the president or the Youth and Sports Minister I would have resigned long time on good moral grounds knowing that I am involved in the rot.”