MTN Ghana Foundation has donated 3,000 KN95 face masks to the Greater Accra Regional hospital [Ridge hospital].

This forms part of its campaign to encourage the wearing of face masks in line with its recently launched “Wear it for Me” and BE WISE campaigns.

The Foundation has also donated 88,000 face masks to health workers in 30 hospitals in all 16 regions across the country.

Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana, Mr. Samuel Koranteng said they are committed to helping government win the fight against COVID-19.

 Based on this backdrop, he said MTN has not only invested in PPEs worth GH₵5 million but also invested in behavioral change programmes.

At MTN, Mr. Koranteng said “we believe that we have a major role to play in the fight against COVID-19 right from the onset and this continues to be paramount to us”.

“We continue to encourage all Ghanaians to adhere strictly to all the safety protocols issued by local and global authorities in fighting this pandemic. We wish you well and commend you all once again for your hard work and commitment” he added.

Receiving the items, the Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Dr. Emmanuel K. Srofenyoh thanked MTN for the gesture.

He indicated that, the KN95 face mask which hitherto was in short supply will help the frontline health workers discharge their duties effectively.

“This donation will save us cost so we are indeed grateful to MTN foundation for this gesture” the Medical Director added.

Dr. Srofenyoh appealed to the citizenry to continue wearing the face mask to void surge in active cases.

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