MTN Ghana has announced that it has reopened some of its service centers across the country.

The offices located at the Accra Mall, Ashaiman, East Legon and Nhyieso (Kumasi) however remain closed until further notice.

The Chief Customer Relations Officer of MTN, Mrs. Jemima Kotei Walsh expressed appreciation to all customers for heeding the call to use the digital channels during the closure of the service centres.

She noted that MTN will continue to ensure strict adherence to the health and safety protocols to safeguard customers and staff at the service centres especially at the time that the country is recording an increase in covid-19 cases.

In a statement to announce the partial re-opening, MTN Ghana said its digital channels would still attend to customers who may contact the company through the digital channels.

“MTN will however continue to serve customers who contact them on its enhanced digital channels via Twitter: @MTNGhana or @AskMTNGhana; Facebook: MTNGhana WhatsApp: 0554300000 or call 100.

In addition to these channels, field teams made up of retail vendors and MoMo agents across the country will be operating and will provide additional support,” MTN said in a statement.

In light of the ongoing registration of SIM cards across the country, MTN urged customers to visit its registration points to avoid congestion at the service centres.

“To avoid congestion at the MTN Service Centers customers are advised to visit any of these registration points: MTN Connect Stores, Distributor Branches, Light Retail Stores (Volume Management) or MTN Agents’ touchpoints for Sim Registration,” MTN noted.

About MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana is the market leader in the mobile telecommunications industry in Ghana, offering subscribers a range of exciting options under Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go Services and Mobile Financial Services. The company has committed itself to delivering reliable and innovative services that provide value for subscribers in Ghana’s telecommunications market. Since its entry into Ghana in 2006, MTN has continuously invested in expanding and modernizing its network in order to offer superior services to a broad expanse of the nation.

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