Ghana’s largest telecommunications services provider, MTN Ghana has rewarded 20 loyal customers from 14 regions with brand new Hyundai Sonatas in the MTN at 25 promo.

The promo awards 10 points for every pesewa spent on My MTN App, Ayoba App, Pulse, MTN hoods channel on Facebook and MoMo App.

This is a promotion based on usage where participants accrue points by making calls, using data, sending SMS, subscribing to digital services and performing Mobile Money transactions where fees are charged.

Six out of the 20 cars went to national winners, who emerged tops in the months of September and October.

The reward is among gifts MTN is ‘showering’ on loyal customers for their contributions to the success of the Company in its 25 years in the country.

Speaking at the short ceremony in Accra, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo-Ganson expressed his appreciation to all customers including the winners for their loyalty all these years.

MTN reward 20 customers with Hyundai Sonatas in MTN@25 promo

He said as part of the promotion, customers who won cash prizes of up to GHC 5,000 and airtime were all receiving their prizes digitally. 

The MTN Ghana Chief Marketing Officer also urged customers to beware of fraudsters using the promotion to defraud innocent customers.

“MTN will only call you with our official number 0244300000 and we will present your winning prize in an MTN branch with a public event like this,” he stressed.

Mr. Kojo-Ganson expressed appreciation to their partners from Hyundai for helping put smiles on the faces of their customers.

All the winners expressed profound gratitude for giving them an early Christmas gift.

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