MTN Ghana has rewarded five loyal customers with five Hyundai Sonatas in the MTN at 25 promo.

This is a promotion based on usage where participants accrue points by making calls, using data, sending SMS, subscribing to digital services and performing Mobile Money transactions where fees are charged.

Senior Manager for Consumer Marketing at MTN, Nana Asantewaa Amegashie urged customers to participate in the promo because there are 20 more cars to be given out.

“MTN turned 25 this year and as part of our birthday celebration, we decided to give our customers some gifts and that’s how the promo started. We started in August 2021 and it will be running for three months. We encourage our customers to participate to win any of the cars being given out.”

“We have 25 cars to give away. So there’s 20 more cars to be given away before the end of October 2021,” she said.

Three of the winners are from the Ashanti region and two came from the Ahafo region.

One of the winners from the Ashanti region, Angela Dodzi, expressed delight and urged other users of MTN to be optimistic about winning.

“I am very delighted. I joined the promo by doing more with MTN. I did more transactions and bought a lot of airtime and bundle. Initially, I thought it wasn’t real but winning this car makes me aware that it’s a reality. I encourage all to try this promo and have hope,” she said.

The promo awards 10 points for every pesewa spent on My MTN App, Ayoba App, Pulse, MTN hoods channel on Facebook and MoMo App.

Aside the cars to be won, monthly prize rewards are given based on the percentage margins with which participants exceed their target points ranked from the highest percentage margin to the lowest.

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