The Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu has advised Muslim politicians to always remember that being in politics is a call to serve and not profit making. 

This, he said, is inculcated in the values of Islam and expected to reflect in one’s deeds at all times.

“The Muslims politicians must understand politics as a means to render service by taking political authority, it is not for profit.”

Speaking on Joy News’ AM Show Friday, Sheikh Aremeyaw said the observation of Ramadan serves as a reminder as it teaches one to hold on to a clear conscience.

“So if I see any Muslim doing the wrong thing around this time or any other time, I say well, he is a human being alright, but it is disappointing.”

He, however, noted that preaching virtue and righteousness is for all as both Muslims and Christians share common values.

“I listen to Christian preaching and I think when it comes to preaching virtuous and righteousness, I think that we share common values.”

The Islamic leader, therefore, wants everyone especially Muslims to desist from negative behaviour and live a trustworthy life.

“If I see a Muslim Minister for example and he’s caught by corruption, I feel disappointed, I want him to be somebody who will be trustworthy because in fasting you are also thought clear conscience and honesty service to one’s nation.”

Sheikh Aremeyaw also observed that most politicians are influenced to spend more on campaigns to win power which in turn affects the management of the country’s resource.

“So I want to see a Muslim politician who resists this temptation that he comes in the office and he doesn’t come to the office because he wants to make profit out of political authority.

“But he sees politics as a means by which he can render service. That is true political service. That is a politics of integrity.”

He further stated that politics must be a sacrifice for self and not a sacrifice of self.

“If you sacrifice for self, it means that you are doing something; sacrifice here in other to get it here. You spend money, giving out here and there only that when you come to the office, you exploit the circumstances of the office in other to make a profit,” he apprised.