A 29-year old British bride was ditched by her husband three months after their wedding and after dating for seven years.

Her 36-year old husband Alan Hoffman ran off with one of the wedding guests Gemma Hadley who is also a colleague at her husband’s work place.

After a blind date in January 2004, Alan, a former soldier proposed to Michelle in December 2004.

'He gave me several different shaped boxes and in the smallest box was a beautiful gold band with three diamonds. I was over the moon. When I saw the ring I almost cried. I was so happy – I couldn't wait to marry him.'

It took seven years including a year of planning and preparation to have a wedding at Bournemouth Town Hall in September 2012. They invited 70 of their closest friends and family.

'The day was absolutely perfect,' she said. 'We exchanged vows in front of everyone who was important to us. I'd never been happier but I couldn't help but notice when Alan kept disappearing to talk to his colleagues, including Gemma, who kept glancing over at me.

'I tried to push any worries out of my head. He was probably just checking they were having a good time. Besides, he'd just married me.'

They danced to Something Right by Westlife. But something was wrong.

She said Alan grew distant and their sex life plummeted. He talked about Gemma during conversations.

'They were seeing a lot of each other. My instincts told me that something wasn't right. I didn't want to make a fuss, but I felt threatened by Gemma.

'She was younger, slimmer and prettier than me. And I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of her and Alan being alone together in my flat. I tentatively asked Alan if there was something between them but he laughed it off. She also had a boyfriend, so Alan said he thought the idea was ludicrous.

'But although Alan always insisted there was nothing going on between them, I couldn't help feeling jealous by their friendship. I just tried to bury my feelings about it.'

In January 2013, Alan came home and dropped the bombshell

'I don't love you anymore,'

'He said things just weren't right and that they hadn't been right for ages, and that I felt more like his sister than his wife. 

'His words hit hard – but I knew he was telling the truth, I could tell it in the way he spoke.