MzVee (Credit: Instagram - @mzveegh. Photo by: Manuel Photography)

Dancehall artiste MzVee is giving Ghanaians an insight into her life prior to her music career and how she felt at her peak.

In a three minute video, the singer, born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, opened up about the struggles she and her family of six were faced with, in her childhood.

“The early days of life were dark. We had to squat in a single room, six of us for six years of my life.”

MzVee explained that her family had to sacrifice a lot to get her to where she is currently.

Her parents diligence and their resolve to push through even the hardest of times were her take away as she grew into an adult, MzVee stated.

The singer also opened up about her music journey stating that “just like my childhood music found me.”

According to her, she was surprised a journey she started so small had sent her name flying across many places “than my feet could ever touch.”

Although she has talked about what led to her one-year sabbatical before, MzVee, in the video, said she had felt everything crash at her peak.

“I sunk to the bottom, I lost myself and my essence.”

Despite the odds, MzVee believes she is too “powerful” adding that her resilience has made her who she is.

The video comes ahead of the release of her new album ‘inVeencible’. The album will explore the artiste’s “rediscovery”.

“RE YOU READY!? #inVeencibleAlbum COMING SOON!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” she captioned her post on Instagram.