Director of Planning and Programmes at the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), David Adonten has intimated that the Authority is ready to bring back towing project.

This follows an accident that occurred on Wednesday at Tesano Police station after a commercial vehicle popularly known as ‘trotro’ crushed into a faulty trailer parked in the middle of the road at Tesano.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM‘s Newsnight, Mr Adonten stated that the crash at at Tesano has rekindled the need for the towing project to be looked at again.

“We as National Road Safety Authority foresaw this long ago, a couple of years ago brought this new concept for us to remove disabled vehicles so that people will not drive into them as the case used to be, “he said.

He, however, stated that the towing project was rejected by Ghanaians because they were not willing to pay an amount set aside as levy to be used and applied for the service.

“We thought that as people said no and would not accept that project they were going to bring an alternative. No alternative came the problem is still there and killing people as just right in the city not in the highway,” he said.

Notwithstanding, Mr Adonten said the NRSA does not think that the road towing project has been abandoned and the Authority would come back to it again.

“At the moment, we are discussing amongst ourselves to technically, we are discussing with the Ministry, we are discussed with the police and other stakeholders and even at Parliament level to bring back the project.”

Mr Adonten indicated that a project of that sort needs the private sector to keep it running due to its capital intensiveness.

He, therefore called on government to collaborate the the private sector to bring in a project in a manner that whoever invests any level of fund into it would be able to get back his investment back.