Investigations conducted by Daily Guide have revealed that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is seriously bracing itself for the 2012 campaigns by resourcing the various constituencies with a number of robust vehicles.

The party, Daily Guide gathered, has started distributing brand new Nissan Navara double-cabin pickups valued at over half a billion cedis to some constituencies it fears its parliamentary seats would be under threat during the 2012 general elections.

Prior to the 2008 elections, the party relied on GMC and old Nissan hardbody pickups for campaigns, portraying to the masses that it was modest and accused the then New Patriotic Party (NPP) government of using state funds.

The NPP during its 8-year rule, it was observed, used TATA pickups and a few Nissan hardbody pickups, but it was not spared bashing from leading members of the NDC who claimed the vehicles were bought from state resources.

Two-and-half years into office, the ruling party, in preparation for the 2012 elections, seems to be exhibiting more flamboyance with the acquisition of the new Nissan Navara double-cabin pickups for its campaigns.

The distribution of the vehicles, Daily Guide gathered, is being done in secret to avoid curious questions from residents who, since the assumption of this government, have been told the erstwhile NPP government left the coffers of the country empty.

Jerry John Rawlings, founder of the NDC, on several platforms disagreed with government’s claim, accusing some high-ranking government officials of amassing wealth at the expense of the electorate.

This paper, however, managed to take a picture of one of the many vehicles. The vehicle had the registration number GN 11811: belonging to the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo constituency with the party’s symbol and the inscription, ‘Better Ghana’ behind it.

The maintenance of the newly acquired vehicles, according to checks by Daily Guide, is solely done by Japan Motors who are the main distributors of the vehicles.

Sources disclosed that it costs about GH¢1,000 for it to be serviced routinely; yet the NDC feels comfortable acquiring them for its constituencies.

The NDC leadership in the region has however refused to comment on the matter. Some of them are also saying the vehicles are from the respective NDC Members of Parliament (MPs) in the various constituencies.

This however raises questions on how MPs could purchase such vehicles for their constituencies when most of them allegedly complained to their constituents that times are hard.

A Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, in an interaction with Daily Guide, said the party was not in any way defaced by the new vehicles their arch rivals were distributing.

According to him, the 2012 elections was going to be based on track record and not about vile propaganda aimed at twisting the mindset of Ghanaians.

Mr. Iddrisu said the NPP was keenly watching the extravagance being exhibited by the ruling party, wondering how the party had made money to buy such vehicles in less than three years in office.

The NPP scribe indicated that Ghanaians had already made up their minds to kick out the incumbent government and were only taking solace in the fact that it had less than two years to rule.

“My brother, times are hard and Ghanaians are worried while some NDC members are chopping left, right, centre.” he remarked.

Source: Daily Guide/Ghana