The Majority caucus in Parliament has served notice it will petition President Mills over the appointment of some key leaders as ministers of state.

The Majority say the appointment of Alban Bagbin, E. T. Mensah and John Tia to the Executive will weaken their front.

Joy News’ Parliamentary correspondent Sammy Darko reports there is a general dissatisfaction within the camp of the Majority MPs about the President’s decision to change its leadership.

Members of the Majority fear with their three of their most experienced MPs heading to new positions, those left behind may become fodder for the Minority NPP.

Member of Parliament for Sege, Alfred Abayate, is one of the complaining MPs.

Others complain of regional imbalance with the replacements, with some members specifically saying it is unfair to have all of its leadership from the three northern regions.

Cletus Avoka and Rasheed Pelpuo claim President Mills has asked them to lead the Majority front.

Avoka is believed to be an experienced MP but not outspoken enough, whilst Pelpuo is considered too soft-spoken.

The Majority caucus say they will plead with the President to reconsider his decision.

Meanwhile Deputy Information Minister James Agyenim Boateng says the President has not yet made any such appointments to the leadership of Parliament.

Story by Sammy Darko/


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