New Omo Multiactive launched

Unilever Ghana has launched the new Omo Multiactive with additional properties foster angst-free cleaning of especially children’s clothes.

The enhanced washing powder is designed to lighten the burden of parents in their washing duties.

Parents have thus been counseled to allow their children play freely as that is crucial to their overall development.

Playing, according to Unilever Ghana’s Brand Building Director in charge of Africa, Ms Maidie Arkutu is an important learning experience for children.

She says the new Omo Multiactive was designed to help parents deal effectively with the tough and nauseating challenge of cleaning stained clothes.

Views sampled from the general public and played to the audience at the launch show a preponderance of views that parents recognise the importance of playing but some said they restrict their children from playing because of cleaning difficulties.

A psychologist said playing is important for social, cognitive and physical developments of the children.

When children play, she said, they learn important skills such as taking critical decisions, taking responsibility, sharing responsibility, working in a team and thus becoming a team player as well as giving others roles to play.

All of these serve skills become crucial to the growth and development of the child.

The innovative Omo will save parents the hustle of washing.

With the New Omo Multiactive, one step of washing is sufficient to remove all stains.

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